Keynote Speakers

Anne Buff

Anne Buff picAnne Buff is Treasurer of the Data Governance Professionals Organization (DGPO) and a Thought Leader for SAS Best Practices, a thought leadership organization at SAS Institute. As a speaker and author she specializes in the topics of data governance, MDM, data integration and data monetization. Her energy, excitement and enthusiasm for all things data will grab you in ways you never expected, leaving you refreshed and ready to take on your toughest of data issues. With over 15 years of experience in technical training and education and a Master’s degree in Organizational Communication, Anne specializes in facilitating discussions and workshops around team building and optimization, organizational planning and design, and data governance. Her greatest passion is making sure everyone knows technical training can (and should be) FUN!

Keynote: Where’s The Money In Data? Maximizing Value Through Data Monetization

In our rapidly developing digital economy, every business is in the business of data (regardless of how ready we are to admit it). Generating value from data should be top of mind for every CDO and for many reasons. With advancements in technology to capture, store, manage, package and deliver data, opportunities for data monetization are abundant. And, so are the challenges and risks. In this session, we will review the imperatives for delivering business value through data. We will introduce the sources of value that keep information businesses competitive, the requirements for driving value through data asset management and three models for selling information products and services. While it will be exciting to consider the possibilities, we will also consider the accountability and responsibility necessary for managing risks, maintaining regulatory compliance and understanding the privacy and ethical approaches required for selling data.

Len Silverston

Len Silverston PictureLen Silverston is a best-selling author, consultant, and speaker with over 30 years of experience helping organizations in various data governance and data management programs. Mr. Silverston is an internationally acclaimed expert and thought leader in the fields of data governance, data modeling, data management, and in the human dynamics of integrating information. He has helped many organizations successfully implement data governance programs, for example, from 2010 through 2012, he guided and provided data governance consulting for his client who won the 2012 Data Governance Best Practice Award. He is the author of The Data Model Resource Book series (Volumes 1, 2, and 3), which describe hundreds of reusable data models. The volume 1 book was rated #12 on the Computer Literacy Best Seller List and his volume 1 and 2 books have been translated into Chinese and in 2009, he co-authored “The Data Model Resource Book, Volume 3, Universal Patterns for Data Modeling”, which has been into Korean. Mr. Silverston has published many articles and has been a keynote speaker at many international data conferences. He is the winner of the DAMA (Data Administration Management Association) International Professional Achievement Award for 2004 and the DAMA International Community Award for 2006. He has given many keynotes and has received the highest speaker rating at several international conferences. Mr. Silverston’s company, Universal Data Models, LLC, provides consulting, training, publications, and software to enable information integration.

Keynote: 5 “Groundhog Day” Scenarios in Data Governance and Data Management and how to address them

There are common very critical scenarios that are specific to most data governance and data management programs and that are bound to occur. Why wait until they arise to address them? It may be too late by then! In order to succeed, we must have tools, techniques, and proven approaches for these behavioral, cultural, and human aspects that will inevitably arise. This seminar will share how to address these scenarios and back them up with many case studies of data governance and data management efforts where the same types of situations have arisen such as:
– Project versus enterprise conflicts
– Politics in data governance and data management
– Data ownership issues
– ‘Righteous’ points of view
– Trouble getting buy in.
More importantly, this presentation will provide specific, practical and proven tools to handle them. Come to this informative, fun, interactive and practical seminar sharing tools and methods for handling some of the most important scenarios that occur in data governance and data management efforts.

Ram Kumar

Ramur PicRam Kumar is a Board Member of IAIDQ Asia-Pacific and Director of Enterprise Information Management and Privacy for Insurance Australia Group (IAG), one of Australia’s largest insurance companies. Previously, Ram has held the positions of CIO of Asia and Group CTO of IAG and has played a key role in establishing  IAG’s businesses in Asia.In November 2014, Ram received the “Global Business CIO” award for 2014 from an international jury of global IT experts with living legend and father of Enterprise Architecture, John Zachman as the chair of the jury.  Ram’s work on data driven organisation culture at the organisation level have won international awards and has been published as global best practice case study. Ram has over 25 years of IT experience across various industry verticals and countries. Ram is a strong advocate of global  open standards and has been contributing to open standards since 2000 and his work has been used by many organisations, standards and applications globally including the standard being used as a key component of Google maps. Ram has over 135 publications/presentations in referred international journals and conferences. Ram holds a Master of Engineering degree in Computer Science and Engineering.

Keynote: Accountability from the Top: Where there is a will, there are ways (Case study)

Lack of accountability from the top of the organisation i.e. senior leaders is probably the No.1 cause of a lack of a strong data/information governance Program in an organisation. One of the main reason for this is the lack of understanding that data is a strategic asset of the organisation and the belief from senior leaders that data related issues are due to technology. In this case study, we will discuss about an organisation that is leading from the front in driving a sustainable data driven culture with accountability of data coming right from the top and how this was achieved and what the outcomes were.

Sue Geuens

sue geuens picSue is the current President of the International Data Management Association (DAMA). Sue is passionate about data and information management and describes herself as the proverbial “dataholic”. In 2010, she became the first Certified Data Management Professional in Africa. Sue helped establish the first DAMA chapter in Africa and has been President of DAMA Southern Africa since 2009. She was elected to the DAMA International Board in 2011 and became President in 2014. She is a sought after presenter and has been a prominent speaker at Enterprise Data World in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2013, DAMA Brazil, DAMA Australia in 2013 and IRMUK in 2006 and 2011.


Keynote: Data: the hidden corporate asset

Data/information management professionals have been telling organisations for quite a while now that their data is an asset and that unless they look after it, they will fail, mess up, have data breaches, lose out to their competitor, etc, etc, etc. Sound familiar? Well, Sue is not going to tell you any different, she really does believe that data is an asset and should be managed on your balance sheet. However; she also believes you are tired of hearing the words but not seeing the impact. In this keynote, she has used the power of Google and lots of networking to gather together a visualisation of exactly WHAT data can do! Sue believes that the power of the images she will present WILL make you think again about your data and what you should be doing with it!